Planet Geekdinner for *camp

I’ve updated planet geekdinner to pick up *camp posts.

As usual, as long as your post mentions the words *camp or geek-dinner, it should make the planet. We can no longer use tag feeds, as “geekdinner” and “*camp” are generally separate tags.

For regex geeks, the regex is ([gG]eek[ -]?[dD]inner|([sS]tar|\*)[ -]?[cC]amp)

On another note, I don’t know if I’m going to make star-camp - I might well be away that weekend. But hopefully I’ll be there.

Wordpress getting set up

OK. I’ve switched over to a reasonable looking non-default theme. (Although I’ll still write my own at some point…)

My personal tastes would have preferred a flat-file based bloging system. But none of the ones out there seem to come close to Wordpress in terms of features, or style (technical style, naturally)

And I’ve decided that Wordpress’ built in HTML markup-er sucks big time. Markdown, on the other hand, is fantastic. I can’t believe that it’s gone from being the default in the past to being left out of the distribution entirely these days… Tsk tsk

Hello world!

OK, hell has frozen over, tumbleweed has a blog. He’s entered the blogosphere for good or for bad, and will attempt to do a decent job of it.

It might not last long, and if I get bored, I promise to pull it down rather than let it languish into unmaintained hell, but hopefully we won’t need to go there…

Now of course, something had to actually exist that I wanted to blog about before this could happen. Hopefully I’ll update the site with all of that stuff soon. Subscribe to my feed now! :-)

Nice themes, etc coming soon…

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