I am working on an MSc by dissertation in the Digital Libraries Laboratory at UCT. I am investigating usability aspects in Digital Repository Systems, in particular if usability can be improved by using a content management system as a front-end to a digital repository.

I can be found in the DLL section of Room 300 in the CS building.


Digital Library systems are still immature software, known to be difficult to deploy and use. One of the difficulties in deployment is customisation of the interface, and integration into an existing website. Digital Library systems don’t tend to use templating systems to allow web designers to re-skin the system, like popular Content Management Systems do. This project aims to integrate a Digital Library system into a Content Management System, to provide the advantage of templating and more easily integrate with an existing Content Management System-driven site.

See my thesis proposal, below.


For my BSc Honours thesis, I worked on the storage tier of a large scale monitoring system, Panopticon. I have no plans to take this further, although I remain interested in the field.

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