As a CLUG member, I occasionally give technical talks. If they are of any use to anyone here’s a list. All CLUG talks are archived on the wiki and since 2007 have been videoed and archived on

10-10-2009: Upstart:

slides video

24-03-2009: Split Routing:

slides video
Split Routing

12-05-2009: IPTables:

slides video

25-11-2008: Ubuntu Intrepid

slides video
Ubuntu Intrepid

27-05-2008: OpenSSL and PKI

slides video
OpenSSL and PKI

12-02-2008: UPSs: nut

UPSs: nut

26-06-2007: Debian Packaging

Debian Packaging

27-02-2007: Ubuntu Custom Live CD

Ubuntu Custom Live CD

11-05-2005: Video on Linux

Video on Linux


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You should podcast your talks

It would be cool if u tried audio recording your talks and podcasted them along with the pdf’s.


My talks are rare enough (and IMHO, low enough quality) that they aren’t worth podcasting. However the CLUG talks are available in videocast-like-form.

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