Wordpress -> Drupal

This is my script for migrating from Wordpress to Drupal. I know that there is already a migration script out there, but I still wrote my own for a few reasons:

  • My needs are simple, and I knew what I wanted.
  • I wanted to migrate comments and pingbacks if possible. This turned out to be easy.
  • I wanted to learn more about coding for Drupal.
  • I’d already started writing it when I saw Borek’s migrator.
  • I wanted to migrate straight to Drupal 5, not 4 first.

So here it is.

Limitations and bugs:

  • Attached files are copied by requesting them off the old server. But thumbnails aren’t migrated too.
  • Pages aren’t migrated. But I’m sure this would be a piece of cake to fix
  • I put dumped my wordpress tables into my drupal database (They are all prefixed with wp-). This is messy, but while Drupal’s multi-database system is a cool and would be perfect, it’s unworkable when you are debugging. Errors seem to be hooked in drupal, and if you have a broken SQL query (for example) the error handling code hooks Drupal themes, which aren’t findable in the alternate-db world you are visiting.
  • All blog posts are migrated to a single user on the other side.
  • I’m pretty sure that I didn’t solve the character encoding issues, just sidestepped them…
  • I didn’t look into Drupal 6 compatibility.
wordpress-import.php.txt8.51 KB


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RE: Wordpress -> Drupal

Hi Stefano,

Well done on the migration to Drupal! I also found that script that you talk about, and then googled some more, and found that someone had ported it to 5.x.

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