Bashbot was originally an idea and bash snippet from Jonathan Hitchcock. I took it and bastardised it beyond imagination.

It’s a fully-featured, modular IRC bot.

The modules come in 2 types:

  • Commands are matched by filename. I.e. “bot: foo bar” will run the command foo if it exists.
  • Regex commands are matched by a regex in the file’s first line (commented). So a regex-command beginning with # ^(.*) is( also)? (.*)$ will be executed if you try and set a factoid with “bot: Spinach is a vegtable”

Included modules:

  • announce
  • builtin
  • chanops
  • factoid
  • google
  • insult
  • karma
  • logs
  • say
  • tell


This bot is a security nightmare. I haven’t found any mistakes, but you’d be insane to run this in anything but the most strictly-controlled environment.


No optimisation included :-)

bashbot.tar.gz6 KB


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how do you use and play with the bot? i downloaded it what after it? u need to open cod with it?

playing with bashbot

Extract the tarball in your (or preferably a separate user’s) home directory:

  • bin/bashbot contains the configuration and is also the binary you run to make it work
    • BOTNAME: The nick of your bot, something to address it by (it also answers to “bot” and “bashbot”)
    • BOTOWNERS: The nicks of users who can perform administerative tasks
    • SERVER: Address of IRC server
    • PORT: Port on IRC server
    • ONLOGIN: Generally a command to join a room
    • IRCLOG: Where bashbot stores its log
    • BOTDIR: Where bashbot plugins etc. are kept
    • PIPE: Where bashbot keeps its internal communication fifo
  • .bashbot/ contains the modules, logs, etc.
    • commands: These bash snippets are called by saying “bot: ” (generally symlinks into modules)
    • factoids: Storage for factoids for the factoids module
    • messages: Storage for memos
    • modules: Where modules are kept
    • regexes: These bash snippets are called when the in “bot: is matched by a regex in the first line of the snippet (generally symlinks into modules)

Pretty, eh?

I Dont understand. Where do

I Dont understand. Where do i tell what? What means Linkstuff? Plz tell me!

re: I Dont understand. Where do

It sounds like you aren’t familiar with symbolic links. If you aren’t comfortable with *nix and bash, this bot isn’t for you.

It’s not designed to be easy to use - it’s more a demonstration that you can use the wrong language for the job and still survive :-)

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