Dark Gorge B

Time: 3-4hrs
Last Hiked: Jan 2006

Very steep and rather eroded. Beautiful forest in the ravine most of the way up.

Start at Newlands forestary Station, and take the path up to the base of Newlands Ravine.

Go right along the contour path until you reach the first river up (only about 50m away) This is dark gorge. Follow the cairns up.

The only thing you have to worry about is not going up Dark Gully. When you reach the fork of the valleys, stick left.

Dark Gorge Map

Window Gorge D

This Description comes from Tony Lourens - Table Mountain Classics, with ammendments.

Rope Recommended

Time: 5-6hrs
Last Walked: Dec 2005

This is rather an eroded and seldom used route, but has some magnificent pools and good scrambles. It’s mostly shaded, so a hot day would be a good choice. The scrambles aren’t hard but quite exposed, and have loose grips (because they haven’t seen enough traffic to break all the loose grips off).

This isn’t an easy route if you don’t know it, and dangerous.

Left Face B

Time: 2-3 hours
Last walked: Dec 2005

Left face B is a very pleasent alternative to Platteklip (which let’s face it, we all hate).

It winds up across the left face of the mountain, across sheer looking cliffs and rock bands - a truly improbably looking route. But the hike itself isn’t exposed, and only contains a pitch or two.

Start up Platteklip gorge, pass the contour path, and continue until the last left side corner before the path heads up into the gorge proper. This corner has a vertical section, with a large rock at the base

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