Back in the days of using dial-up, I wrote this firewall & QoS script. All in one and relatively easy to use for my specific use case. However it only really works for single machines or small networks routers with no DMZ and only one router.

Mozilla LDIF fixer

Mozilla Address Book exports pretty terrible LDIF. To add these LDIF files to an LDAP directory, you must first run it through this utility. It will turn the LDIF into schematically correct LDIF. If will (hopefully) not maul data that is already in the correct format.

SR Album

The scripts used to generate the album on my previous web site. The thumbnails are generated with Python (using ImageMagick’s convert) and displayed with a PHP script. This split approach keeps the scripts’ file-size down while not needing PHP to process any images, which keeps the speed up.

It’s very primitive, but can look quite nice, and is easily automated.

DF Warn

This script is for putting in cron on remote servers. It does a df and mails root if a filesystem is over 80% full. (Naturally configurable, too).

Never let a server in your control fill up a file-system slowly over time again.


A collection of scripts, utilities, and other bits and bobs.

Yes yes yes, I’ll put it in a public bzr repository some time soon. At the moment, I’ve got it in a private SVN repo, so you’ll just have to live with tarballs…

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