Contact Me

Should you want to do such a thing, here are some ways to do it. Email is the most reliable way to get me, although I might read it in a few days time. I regularly have a Pidgin open for Jabber.

Email: tumbleweed "at" tumbleweed "dot" org "dot" za or e-mail form
IRC: tumbleweed on Atrum, Freenode, and WUG ZA
Jabber (Google Talk is jabber): stefano "at" rivera "dot" za "dot" net
MSN (via jabber): stefano "at" rivera "dot" za "dot" net
Skype: stefanorivera (but you'll have to arrange for me to be online)
Telephone: +27 72 419 8559 or +27 21 461 1230
Physical: 5 Culvert Gardens, 202 Upper Buitenkant St, Oranjezicht
Facebook: 530720481
Linkedin: tumbleweed
Mugshot: 4vK57Jy0RFqWRM
OpenPGP Key: 0x51106DF5CD92D072 (Stats). Previous key: 0x7B95A97ECBFB18F7 (Stats) (transition).