Ubuntu Global Jam Oneiric

We had quite a successful Ubuntu Global Jam on Saturday. Thanks Yola for hosting us. It was only 5 of us, and I was the only one with any uploads under my belt, but the nice small team meant I had time to help everyone fix some build failures. We had intended to focus on Scientific packages, but it was easier to just pick arbitrary build failures from the most recent archive rebuild.

Maia visited us briefly at lunch time and took some photos, thanks :) Sorry you couldn’t stay longer.

Some stats from the jam

Examples that we fixed together:

Kyle Williams:

Marco Gallotta:

Michiel Baird:

I think that’s pretty good for a day’s work :P

In other news

Eep, haven’t blogged an ages. Since I last blogged, I’ve become a Debian Developer, made an Ibid point release, been to (my first) UDS and a Debconf (which were both fantastic, and very different), spent a week sailing in Croatia with my brother, and been pulled into the Ubuntu release team. All this has meant little progress in my MSc, though :/


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Really nice, Thanks for this.

Really nice,
Thanks for this.


Hi S

Congrats on both making the Debian Dev team and Ubuntu Release team! Have a good one and see at the Oneiric release party :)

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