Non-free codecs on gutsy

Finally, it’s got easy to install the codecs we can legally use in this country:

Medibuntu now has a non-free-codecs package, an all-in-one virtual package.

Nice job!

Personally, I’m still in favour having them there by default, and the installer removes them if you select a patent-encumbered country as your time-zone, but I can see why people are wary of that approach….


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How about: we have them absent

How about: we have them absent by default; but if the user chooses a patent-unencumbered country, they are offered the option of installing the package. The installation prompt would warn about and explain the legal and ethical ramifications (and so on) so the user makes an informed choice (or chooses to not care).

(By the way, if your prose is open source: “weary” means “tired” or “exhausted”; I think you want “wary”, which means “cautious”.)

Because then you'd have to hav

Because then you'd have to have internet access to get the codecs.

Ironically it's the other way around. Countries with good connectivity have software patents :-)

Ethical ramifications don't apply to patent encumbered programs. I try and run proprietary software-free machines, but that doesn't stop me from installing codecs.

(Oh, ta, I had never thought of there being two different wary's, but of course there are)

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