New GUI for 3G Datacards under Linux

Tectonic has spotted a new GUI for 3G Datacards.

You can see it in action.

Vodafone Spain sponsored it’s writing, and they made the right choices: it’s GPL, Python-GTK, and pretty well written. It looks like a clone of the Windows Vodafone client, but using libnotify, and other cool GTKisms. I highly approve.

Installing it was as simple as downloading the deb, and installing it with gdebi.

The first thing I did was add the support for my Option 3G GT Quad Fusion Datacard, which was as simple as finding out the USB IDs, and modifying another card’s driver:

class OptionGTFusionQuadLite(Device):
        __properties__ = {
                ‘usb_device.vendor_id’ : 0x0af0,
                ‘usb_device.product_id’: 0x6300,
        __name__ = "Option GT Fusion Quad Lite"
        conn_dict = OPTION_DICT

simple eh?

This should be incorporated in default Ubuntu installs. It should also be extended to support talking to phones over bluetooth / IRDA. (At the moment, it seems to only like talking to things that HAL knows about)


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[...] Vodafone Mobile Connect Card driver for Linux! This one just caught me by surprise today. While reading the Planet Ubuntu Users, I saw a post of Stefano Rivera, talking about this. Vodafone Mobile Connect Card driver for Linux is a GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA device manager written in Python, licensed under the GPL. Features: Data call handling Send/Receive SMS SIM phone book management Graphical user interface using GTK . [...]

Hola Stefano, thanks for the

Hola Stefano,

thanks for the patch, as I said in the comment it will make in 0.9.7 which is due tomorrow, so stay tuned ;P

0.9.7 is going to be the last of our VMCCdfL 1 series (even thou we didn't reach 1.0 :) and now we are going to redesign the app to make it a bad boy. Some of the planned features are MMS, make pluggable some parts of the system (e.g devices), usage support, a better integration with Gnome. How about BSD and Windows support? Wouldn't it be wicked that a GPL app blows away its Windows counterpart and makes people prefer the GPL one?

We're on the process of getting a better homepage than the sh*t that GForge offers, we want to keep the design plans open and share it with whoever gets involved. We are open for ideas, feature requests, patches, new artwork (its not my thing as you've seen), translations, etc. If you speak python and this field turns you on, you've got a chance to jump in a young project :)



[...] New GUI for 3G Datacards under Linux [...]

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