Laptop battery woes

My Acer Ferrari 4005’s battery is on it’s way out. From around 3hrs when new, it’s down to 20 mins, at the lowest screen brightness.

I’m even getting error messages from gnome-power-manager, telling me it doesn’t even think my battery’s capacity is valid :-)

Gnome-Power-Manager message telling me my battery is not valid :-)

/me is getting tempted to replace it with a MacBook (but don’t tell it that)


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Acer battery

The battery for my TravelMate 6492 is useless, it lasts about 25 minutesand I bought this computer just over a year ago. So much for the name "Travelmate". The price of a replacement is exorbitant. this is as bad as HP where you very soon pay more for cartridges than you pay for the original printer.

Battery Repack time

There are lots of guides for this on the net. I need to get around to it...

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