I've had it with apt-cacher

I thought apt-cacher was an improvement on apt-proxy. Boy was I wrong. It’s been giving me a lot of headaches. Whereas apt-proxy needed the odd restart, apt-cacher needs files to be deleted from it’s cache every now and then…

What a pain.

Now I’ve switched back to apt-proxy, and with a bit of squid tweaking (so that local network traffic isn’t cached, or passed to the SAIX proxy) everything is working well again.


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Tumbleweed What exactly were


What exactly were the headaches. I first tried apt-proxy and got it half working and then tried apt-cacher which once installed and set up the first time I have simply forgotten about.

I have just set up two computers with feisty and simply imported the apt-cachers cache to their apt-cacher installation and a dist upgrade took all of 1m to "download" 194MB of packages.

I did notice that my cache size is a shade over 4 GB and that there are a lot of superceded packages in the cache - is this what you are referring to. There was some kind of clean up switch in the config files but I set it off. I am absolutely thrilled with apt-cacher


Hmm, I can't really remember a

Hmm, I can't really remember any more. I remember having trouble with ubuntu repositories, and with new packages-diff repositories.

But mainly incomplete downloads weren't resumed. I had to go in and manually kill them.

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