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As a Capetonian, it’s a must to get onto the mountain occasionally. I really enjoy a good hike, but lots of Table Mountain’s routes aren’t well documented. You need to have the right book, or walk them regularly (which I don’t).

So I try to document some here, were possible.

Hardware Hacking

Electronic escapades, soldering fun, and general electronic geekery.

DeLi Linux

DeLi Linux is a uclibc-based slackware derivative.

These are some packages I needed for 0.7-pre Deli.


Binary Packages for various distributions


A collection of scripts, utilities, and other bits and bobs.

Yes yes yes, I’ll put it in a public bzr repository some time soon. At the moment, I’ve got it in a private SVN repo, so you’ll just have to live with tarballs…

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