Shared #clug server?

tea and tumbleweed were chatting one evening about having a shared dedicated server in london for #clug (or clug in general) members to use as MX, shell box, etc.

Basically Xen would be out of the question, because cheap boxes don’t have enough RAM, it would have to be shared. This would mean agreeing on a common MTA (HORRORS!), and sharing root between a group of people… :-)

Some options:

tumbleweed has a “Value” server with, who’s lease expires on 22 Feb. If 11 other people were interested, we could renew it, for the cost of about R600 pa, each. This would save on setup costs.

Anyone keen? We have a wiki page on the subject, add yourself.

Wiki work on GPRS/3G

I’ve touched up the CLUG wiki GPRS/3G page today. It’s now a complete dump of my knowledge on the subject - a page I wish had existed when I started mucking with mobile data.

Now I’m just waiting for the 3G card that I bought on eBay to turn up, so I can get a slightly more usable connection than asthmatic GPRS when I’m on the run.

More ClugPark work

Well, we’ve now got a custom theme for (by superfly, thanks!) I still want to hack planetplanet to death, but that can wait until they decide on their direction…

In the meantime, I’ve been brushing up my mediawiki hacking for the ClugPark gallery. Mediawiki is a monster! The select query looks like this:

$select = "SELECT page_namespace, page_title, old_text, img_description "
          . "FROM " . $dbr->tableName(‘page’) . " "
          . "LEFT JOIN " . $dbr->tableName(‘revision’) . " ON page_latest = rev_id "
          . "LEFT JOIN " . $dbr->tableName(‘text’) . " ON old_id = rev_text_id "
          . "LEFT JOIN " . $dbr->tableName(‘image’) . " ON page_title = img_name "
          . "INNER JOIN " . $dbr->tableName(‘categorylinks’) . " "
          . "ON page_id = cl_from AND cl_to = " . $dbr->addQuotes($catKey) . " ";
$where = " WHERE page_namespace = " . $wgContLang->getNsIndex(‘Image’) . " "
         . "ORDER BY page_title ";

Yup. Lovely stuff. Anyway, when I’m happy with the extension, I’ll post it somewhere… (Same goes for my other mediawiki extenisons)


I’ve been doing some themeing work on Clug Park, and it’s pretty much ready to go now. It could still do with some theming work, and probably some more blogs (I bet there are other blogging CLUGgers out there).

It seems that PlanetPlanet might switch to an entirely re-written version of it’s software. That shouldn’t be a problem, I think the themes are still compatible.

We’ve hacked our planet to always display 2 entries from every member. If we switch, the hack will have to be ported. Which isn’t a bad thing, I don’t want to pass the patch upstream if planetplanet is about to switch to another trunk, anyway :-)

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